AC Company La Verne

Looking for an AC contractor? You’ve come to the right place! When you need AC repair or AC replacement, there’s no better AC company to call than Rene’s Plumbing. We are your friendly air conditioning contractor that works on all HVAC systems. Whether you need air condenser replacement or just a tune up, we are happy to help. We’ve all been there—your AC is out and you feel like dying of heatstroke. When that happens, you should know that we are the best people to call. You don’t want to wait days to get your air conditioning fixed! We want to help you as soon as possible, so we will get out there to fix it quickly!

Our Process

When we get to your home, we will immediately start your inspection. There are a lot of things to do with air conditioning. If you are just looking for a tune up, we will inspect the unit and make sure nothing is wrong with it. We’ll also check the freon and make sure that it is all up to date. However, if there is something wrong with your AC, we are here to help. We will still start out with an inspection. There are a number of things that could go wrong. Our inspection will help us to determine what is wrong with the unit.

Sometimes, you may just need to change out the filters and do a few things like that. Other times, it may be that you need freon refilled to get the air cooler. If you’ve lived in the same house for quite some time and never replaced the unit, then it may be time for a new AC unit. If so, we are here to recommend the best and most affordable options.

We realize that no one wants to have to pay to get their AC fixed. However, it’s one of those facts of life that occasionally, these things go out. We want to make it an easy experience for you so you don’t go without cool air for too long!

Summer Can Wait

When it’s summer time, there is nothing worse than being without AC. Try as you might, the warm air creeps into the home and destroys any sense of cool. Without the AC to combat it, you feel like you’re living in an oven! There’s nothing worse than that. When you live here, summer isn’t going to wait. At Rene’s Plumbing, we don’t wait either. We know the importance of having a cool and safe summer, and without AC, that’s not possible!

Though many other companies will take days or up to a week to see you and your unit, we schedule you as soon as possible. We have contractors who are very quick and can usually be out the same day if needed. When there’s an emergency with your air conditioning, we are here to help. Call Rene’s Plumbing today, you won’t be disappointed.