Ductless Mini-Splits La Verne

If you are looking into alternatives to traditional AC, a ductless mini-split air conditioner may be what you need. Ductless mini-splits work great on second story lofts and other rooms that may not be reached by your traditional HVAC system. Since these are relatively new, a lot of people aren’t familiar with them. However, they can be a huge money saver and can keep your home just as cool as a traditional AC system. If you’re looking to install one of these, contact us today at Rene’s Plumbing. We are very experienced with them and would love to help you out.

How Do They Work?

One of the biggest questions people ask is how ductless mini-splits work. These work very similarly to a large HVAC system, but they are on a much smaller scale. Basically, it works without the ducts. Warm air is brought in from outside and then it goes over coils. These coils have refrigerant that will help to absorb the warmth and make it cool once it gets inside of your house. They are perfect for single rooms because they connect directly to the outside and can bring in a lot of air, but they won’t cost as much as getting a second AC unit to cool a smaller room like a loft.

The Benefit to You

The good thing about these air conditioners is that they are going to keep the room as cool as a regular air conditioner. They work very similarly, but you won’t find yourself out a ton of extra cash to have them run. People love them because they are energy efficient and cost efficient. You may think that they are expensive to install, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s commonly known that these units are a lot less expensive than others, so you can find that you’ll be saving money in the long run thanks to these. They are also very low profile. Forget about the old window units that were unsightly to look at. You won’t even notice that this is here.

There are a lot of benefits, but the best one will be to your wallet. Since you can control when to turn this on and off, you can really save money when this is installed in just one or two rooms.

We Can Help

We can help install these systems so that your room is cool once more. We want to save you time and money, which is why we are affordable and have the highest quality standards. If you are looking to get a mini-split system, we are here to help. At Rene’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship. You can rest assured that you will be comfortable and cool with everything that we do. You’ll also know all pricing upfront before we begin, which is a nice way to plan for the bill. We don’t want you surprised, we want you happy.